Sponsor Inquiries

Interested in sponsoring one of the five available images on this site? Here’s how it works:

For a flat monthly fee you can sponsor any (or all) of the five GIFs on our home page. You can either provide a custom GIF that matches the content of that section, or not. That GIF will then be linked to the webpage of your choice. A caption will also be placed beneath the GIF annotating your sponsorship.

Current pricing as of August 2021 is as follows:

  • 1 GIF – $100
  • 2 GIFS – $190
  • 3 GIFS – $280
  • 4 GIFS – $370
  • 5 GIFS – $450

Prices are subject to change as website traffic increases.

We reserve the right to refuse sponsorship from websites or entities that conflict with our moral convictions or contradict our position on the pronunciation of GIF.